By Coach Shev Gul - London, Dec 06



Improve your focusing power, performance and well-being


What is Hypnosis


Hypnosis can be defined as a process which relies on communication and making desired behavioural changes using the subconscious mind.


When we are under hypnosis, a state of relaxation and receptivity is achieved which facilitates a direct access to our subconscious mind for the desired reprogramming and change works to be carried out, either by ourselves (self-hypnosis) or by a qualified practitioner (hypnotherapy).


Focusing power


Through self-hypnosis one learns to focus all the relevant mind-body faculties on the accomplishment and achievement of a single goal.


Perhaps the bestway to describe the focusing aspect of hypnosis is, to compare it to a magnifying glass that can concentrate harmless sun rays so strongly into a narrow focal point that they burn a hole through a piece of paper.


A natural phenomenon


Hypnosis-trance is a naturally occurring phenomenon. We can see this in children and adults; when they are totally absorbed and lost in watching an emotionally captivating movie, listening to stories about legends and heroes, when we are in the presence of a natural wonder (the grand canyon, the pyramids), a magnificent animal (a lion, a dolphin), star gazing, admiring a master piece of art work, soaking in a breath taking musical or dance performance, reliving our happy childhood memories, or when we are just day dreaming.


There are four stages to the self-hypnosis process. These steps can be learned easily with the help of a trained and qualified practitioner.


1. Fixation, 2. Relaxation, 3. Receptivity, 4. Repetitive Suggestion.

Followed up with regular autosuggestion.


The myth


Like many of us, I have been always a bit sceptical (and scared too!), about the power and the effect of hypnosis on human beings. Probably it was the perception and the influence gained through watching, reading and listening stories being told about the stage hypnosis acts performed by those mesmerising magicians!


It was only when I did a professional development course (Master NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming and the Hypnosis-Hypnotherapy certificate, ITS - London, 2002), that I've managed to free myself from these wrong perceptions, and the limiting beliefs which I've been holding all my life about the natural hypnosis phenomenon.


But the truth is, the stage type hypnosis, has got nothing to do with the main purpose and the objectives of the hypnosis-hypnotherapy practised by the neuro sciences trained practitioners, and as it is practised in the medical profession.


Under a hypnosis-trance, we cannot induce new behaviours into a person which are against the grain of their core belief systems. For example; one cannot plant suggestion to a person under hypnosis, say; to rob a bank!, to run completely naked down the Oxford Street-London!, to steal their neighbour's car, or cat!



The truth


But through hypnosis; we can control a physical pain, perform better in our work, in sport and change our attitudes to exams, tests and interviews. We can eliminate fears, worries, anxieties, stress, cope better with an illness, negative emotions, limiting beliefs, habits, negative memories, experiences, and become a more confident and successful person, and so on.


How it works


When hypnosis is induced we enter into an altered state of consciousness, where our cognitive conscious process is temporarily suspended. This enables us to have direct access to our subconscious mind - to the real driver of our bus!


Having gained access to our most powerful, and infinitely capable subconscious mind (which is responsible for running all of our past, present and future learning, memories, experiences, behaviours, thoughts and the smooth running of our magnificent brain, the bio-computer, and our most complex mindbody system), we can make the new learning to be faster, permanent and carry out the necessary behavioural changes-i.e., reprogramming of our minds, so that we can act, behave, perform, achieve and live our lives more fulfilling, resourceful and in a much more healthier way.



Summary - The benefits of hypnosis



Self-Hypnosis skills


Individuals, sport-athletes, art-performers and for anybody wanting to improve their lives.


Use this powerful focusing skill to draw out and develop your mental and physical capabilities.


Self-Hypnosis is a priceless life skill, and is more effective than group hypnosis in preparing individuals for a better performance, a healthier existence and a more successful working life.



Hypnotherapy Treatment


* Stress Management * Pain control * Anxiety Management * Behaviour Change * Coping with Illness * Loss Management * Negative Emotions * Loss * Disappointments * Tests * Exams * Interviews * Self Confidence * Performance * Public Speaking