Bodily, psychological, athletic, aesthetic, spiritual and healing processes can all be enhanced by learning and developing correct breathing technique.



Correct Breathing Technique and Exercises for:

* Health and Well-Being


* Performance


* Relaxation


* Breathing Therapy


"When the breath is dominated, mind is subdued." .............Hatha Yoga


"Better breathing technique, promotes better mind calming, body relaxation, higher energy levels, faster healing and helps one become more physically and mentally centred." .......N. Zi


"The Chain of Excellence: Breathing Technique - Physiology - Internal State - High Performance"


"With better breathing technique, one can even slow down the ageing process "


Health and Well-Being


Correct - Diaphragmatic Breathing Technique helps to:



Correct - Diaphragmatic Breathing Technique for:

Breathing Therapy

Performance and Sport


With correct breathing technique to enhance; Exercise, athletics, speech, singing and playing musical instruments

Breathing Coaching in sport

DBT - Diaphragmatic Breathing Technique




Everything you need to know about human breathing process and mechanics


ASCA World Clinic Presentation, Florida, Sep 2005


Mind Skills A-Z Breathing - Mind Map



Deep Breathing (DBT) Deep Breathing (DBT) - Mind Map



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