"From an evolutionary perspective we have just crawled out of the swamp.
We are only now beginning to find out what the human mind can do.
Our cognitive evolution has just started..."



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NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming


The challenge of NLP is to enable people to take control of their cognitive evolution and to realize that their internal pictures, voices and feelings belong to them and that they can reconstruct them the same way they use their fingers to turn a doorknob.


The challenge is to help people understand that what they thought was reality is just their own 'model of reality ', and to move them to a position where they can say, " if that's just a model, I would rather have that one over there."...


Magic in Action - Richard Bandler, co-founder of NLP



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NLP Mind Map A - Z NLP Mind Map






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NLP - The Thought Process and Hierarchy of Values

Study of Motivation - For Exercise & Fitness, Client: Unilever PLC, Liverpool HQ, Aug 03


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