Art and Science of Psychotherapy


Note: In my opinion, the below summary is the way forward for the evolution of modern psychotherapy. This "Art and Science of Psychotherapy" approach builds on well on the foundations provided by Freud's focus (repression), and Jung's focus (feeling-toned complexes) works.


Hope the readers will like the following overview too, shared with us by Ernest L Rossi Ph.D. "The Psychobiology of Mind-Body Healing"







Mind-body Communication and Healing



“Can we bring together the apparently incredible complexities of our new view of mind-body communications and healing into a simple picture of how it all works? Perhaps only now, at the end of our journey, we may emerge above the timberline to gain the perspective we need to see the entire forest. As we look around we see three landscapes, each with a neatly painted sign as follows:


1. Messenger molecules and their receptors are the informational basis of life itself as well as mind-body communication and healing.


2. The state-dependent encoding of life experience via messenger molecules and their receptors is the psychobiological basis of the subjective states (experiences-SG) of consciousness and behaviour in health and illness.


3. The wave nature of consciousness and being is the natural psychobiological foundation of the highly adaptive rhythms of optimal performance and healing in every day life. The chronic disruptions of these complex adaptive rhythms leads to stress and its related disorders (anxiety, depression, fears phobia, etc-SG). All approaches of mind-body healing involve the psychosocial entrainment of various aspects of these complex adaptive and state-dependent rhythms for therapeutic purposes."